Parking Registration Form
Rules and Penalties

1. Bring Vehicle Registration, $15.00, driver’s, and completed Vehicle Registration form. (Unless filled out on line)
2. Parking Hang tags must be displayed from rear view mirror.
3. Report lost or stolen hang tags immediately to the office. Depending on circumstances, students will be permitted to purchase another permit for the price of $5.00.
4. Any hand tag found displayed on another displayed on another student’s vehicle could result in vehicle towing at owner’s expense and/or revoking of parking privileges.
5. Parking permitted only in designated spaces/lots. Parking in fire lanes, on the grass, faculty/staff parking, non-marked arear, etc., will result in a fine and or revoking of parking privileges.
6. Speeding or unsafe driving while on campus may result in revoking of parking privileges.
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