Sonraí Scoiláire/Student Details Form
Note: The information provided on this form is confidential and will be retained, used and disclosed by Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh and centrally by Limerick and Clare Education & Training Board in line with its Data ProtectionPolicy (Available on Request or by clicking onto
Bliain an Iarratais / Year of Application *
Cuid 1: Sonraí Pearsanta an Scoláire
Personal Details of the Student
Céad Ainm/First Name *
Sloinne/Surname *
Dáta Breithe/Date of Birth *
Inscne/Gender *
Náisiúintacht/Nationality *
Uimhir P.S.P/Child's PPS No.
Seoladh Baile/Home Address *
Cuid 2: Sonraí Tuismitheoirí/Caomhnóirí
Parent/Guardian Details
Ainm an Mháthair/Mother's Name *
Sloinne an Mháthair/Mother's Surname *
Gaol don Pháiste/Relationship to Child *
Uimhir Baile/Telephone Number *
Uimhir FónPóca/Mobile Number *
Seoladh Ríomhphost/Email Address *
Sonraí Tuismitheoirí/Caomhnóirí
Parent/Guardian details
Ainm an Athair/Father's Name
Sloinne an Athair/Father's Surname
Gaol don Pháiste/Relationship to Child
Uimhir Baile/Telephone Number
Uimhir Fón Póca/Mobile Number
Seoladh Ríomhphost/Email Address
Ainm agus Uimhir Duine eile i gcás Eigeandála
Other Name and contact number in the event of an Emergency
Guthán/Phone No.
Gaol don Pháiste/Relationship to Child
Aon eolas eile maidir leis an bPáiste/Any additional information about the Child
Aon Deartháir/Deirfiúr eile sa scoil?/Any brothers/Sisters in the school?
Scíobh síos na hAinmeacha agus an bhliain ina bhfuil siad/Names and year they are currently in
Cuid 3: Sonraí Bhunscoile
Part 3: Primary school details
Bunscoil/Name of Primary School
Aon Bhunscoileanna eile agus na dátaí/Other Primary school's and dates
Cuid 4: Sonraí Oideachais eile
Part 4: Other Educational details
Has the student been granted Resource Teaching Hours and/or Additional Needs Assistance hours by the NCSE?
Has this student a psychological assessment?
Have you returned any Psychological/OT Reports to our school?
If you answered yes to any of the above, please provide details below.
Has the student been in receipt of general learning support?
If Yes, How many Hours?
Cuid 5: Sonraí Sláintiúla
Part 5: Medical Details
Do you have a family medical card?
Procedures to follow (for a particular illness)
Does the child require glasses?
Does the child have any hearing difficulties?
Any other medical concerns/Information of relevance?
Please provide details
Buanna do Pháiste/Your Child's Talents
Inis dúinn/Tell us
Cosaint Sonraí/Data Protection
Data Protection Policy of the Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board
Personal Data on this Form

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh operates under the patronage of The Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board which is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. The personal data supplied on this application form is required for the purposes of student enrolment, registration, administration, child welfare and to fulfil our other legal obligations. Contact details will also be used to notify you of school/ETB events or activities. While the information provided will generally be treated as confidential to Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board, from time to time it may be necessary for us to exchange personal data on a confidential basis with other bodies including the Department of Education & Skills, the Department of Social & Family Affairs, An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive, the National Educational Welfare Board or with another school (where the student is transferring). We rely on parents/guardians to provide us with accurate and complete information and to update us in relation to any change in the information provided. Should you wish to update or access your child’s personal data you should write to or email the school Principal.
A copy of the full Data Protection Policy of Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board is available on request from Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh.

On foot of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh has reviewed the legal basis upon which it processes student data as part of the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board Data Protection Policy. The full text of this policy is available at

One of the bases upon which our school processes student data is pursuant to section 22(2)(b) of the Education Act 1998, which requires Principals and teachers to “regularly evaluate students and periodically report the results of the evaluation to the students and their parents”. However, of particular significance in the context of data protection is section 9(g) of that Act which requires that a school use its resources to “ensure that parents of a student, or in the case of a student who has reached the age of 18 years, the student, have access in the prescribed manner to records kept by that school relating to the progress of that student in his or her education”. Essentially, this means that the school’s legal basis for communicating student data with parents ends when the student attains the age of majority (eighteen years).

Once your son/daughter reaches the age of eighteen years whilst still a registered student in this school, we are legally obliged to share their personal data with him/her only. We understand and appreciate that this may cause a level of apprehension and some difficulties in the use of, and signing in to, VSware, but, as I am sure you understand, our school is obliged to comply with legislation.

However, if there is any concern regarding the vital interests of your son/daughter, e.g. health or behavioural concerns which are viewed to negatively affect their well-being, or if the information is in the public interest, then, under the legislation, school authorities have a legal basis for communicating such information to parents/guardians of adult students.

There is also an option for adult students to request that our school communicate with their adult nominated person(s) regarding personal data held about them by the school. This would allow the school to continue to communicate with parents where they are nominated, and also allow parents to continue to log in to VSware for student progress and to manage payments etc. In this regard, we have prepared a form for adult students to make such a request and this form is enclosed herewith. We would ask that if your son/daughter chooses to complete this form, that s/he return it to the school/centre administration office and if s/he chooses to nominate you then we will continue to update you with all of his/her educational progress within the school and you will continue to have access to VSware.
Polasaí Cosaint Leanaí/Data Protection Policy *
Grianghraf Scoláirí & Foilsiúcháín/Student Photos & Publication
Photographs of Students
The school maintains photographs of school events held during students’ time at the school. Pupil photos are taken to include in the Management Information System (MIS – VSWare) and the Email System (GSuite/Google Docs) which are in operation at the school.
It has also become customary to take photos of students engaged in activities and events in the interest of creating a pictorial as well as historical record of life at the school. Photographs may be published on our school website or in brochures, newsletters, local and national newspapers and similar school-related productions. In the case of website photographs student names will not be recorded with the picture.
If you would prefer not to have your child’s photograph included in such records, please notify the school principal.
Grianghraf Scoláirí & Foilsiúcháín/Student Photos & Publication *
Parent (Contract and Consent)
In registering my above named child as a student in Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh, I understand that this implies a full acceptance of all rules and policies, as recommended, by the Board of Management of Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh.

I will, if required, provide copies of recent psychological or other professional educational assessments to the school.
As a partner in the education of my child, I recognise the need for me to do my utmost to support the work of Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh.
By submitting this form and signing my child's journal in September, I am agreeing to support the school in all its policies and procedures. I also give consent to Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh to confirm, retain, use and disclose the information I have provided in accordance with the Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board Data Protection Policy (as summarised above).

Conradh/Contract *
Cóip Teastais Breithe / Copy of Birth Cert
Is féidir leat grianghraf den Teastas Breithe nó pdf a uaslódáil anseo. Muna bhfuil tú in ann é seo a dhéanamh ar-líne, tar chuig an scoil lá éigin agus tógfar cóip den Teastas.
You can take a photo of Birth Cert or upload a PDF copy here. If you are unable to complete this on-line, please call to the school with the cert and we will scan a copy for you.
Teastas Breithe/Birth Cert
Grianghraf Pasport/Passport Photo
Please upload a recent photo of your child here. If you are having difficulties with this, please send in a passport size photo to the school.
Grianghraf Pasport/Passport Photo
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