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Note* Nothing you answer on this survey will prevent you from getting an interview or being appointed to one of these committees, so please be honest in your answers. We also aren't looking for any essay-length answers, so keep your responses 5-6 sentences max. Please put your personal email and NOT a school email unless you are 100% certain your school email will accept messages from email addresses that are not in your district. Lastly, you are welcome to apply for a position on both the Expansion Committee and the Curriculum Committee, although you will likely only be appointed to one of these committees. You will be contacted within a week of filling out this form to schedule an interview with members of the Executive Cabinet.

*You can find brief descriptions of both committees at the bottom of this section.
*All uses of the abbreviation SBM in this form stand for "Student Board Member."

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The Student Board Member Expansion Committee, also known as Take a Seat Campaign, works on a local level to install students on their local Boards of Education. The Student Board Member Curriculum Committee works to orient new student board members and provides relevant content to help student board members be effective in their duties.
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