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Finn-Tack management headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway. We have established warehouses and offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Australia and the United States, with regional offices in Germany, France, New Zealand, and Dubai. The company owns factories in China and the Ukraine, which manufactures exclusively for our own brands. We also have purchase offices located worldwide with logistics and quality control departments. With the combination of a local presence and our own international network, we are able to deliver fast and reliable service to all of our customers. We actually own multiple factories and over 90% of what we offer we produce ourselves. This saves our customers from paying markups that come from a distributor buying from a company that owns a brand but not the factory. This common scenario means that there are at least two “markups” in between you and the actual cost of production. The result is that our customers are paying less for better quality products. Our products today are sold through numerous sales channels. Across Europe we have established a retail network which includes our own Horze franchise stores, and about 3200 dealers. After our launch in the USA in 2007, we have seen a rapid growth in sales and an increase in brand name awareness. In March 2012, www.horze.com was launched for consumer use in the USA. Since 1982, we have successfully combined production, wholesale and retail, and have been producing products of superior quality at competitive prices. Our fantastic network of sales representatives ensures fast and reliable service to our retailers.
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