Rhythm Tap - Trial Class B Swing Lindy
Ever wanted to learn tap dancing? B Swing Lindy's tap dance trial is a great place to start!!!
10sgd per person! No dance experience needed. 
Tap shoes for not needed for trial class. 
Geared towards beginners.

27th Aug 2022 Saturday 1 to 2pm
The Studio@Bugis 

Midland House Lvl 7, unit nearest to the toilet. White Room

Here at B Swing Lindy, we do rhythm tap. 
Originating in America, rhythm tap is tap dancing which focuses on the acoustic rather than the aesthetic. In other words, the emphasis is upon what the dancer says with his or her sounds rather than the way the dancer looks when executing those sounds. The term ‘rhythm tap’ is used to differentiate between this expressive style of dance and the Broadway or show style of tap. Rhythm tap often tends to be more grounded or banging, while Broadway Tap is lighter and uses more calculated movements of the arms and legs, as it is more closely linked to the ballet and jazz dance traditions. Rhythm tap, too, often incorporates choreographed movement of body parts other than the feet. However, it is the sounds that must always take centre stage.

For differences btw the styles read here -
Check out the videos below for examples of rhythm tap! 
For enquiries pls send a DM or email bswinglindy@gmail.com. 
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John Bubbles, innovator and pioneer of rhythm tap
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African American Rhythm Tap Masters from the 1960s
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It is important to ensure that when you sign up, you are able to make it for class as scheduled. There have been cases where people have signed up and pulled out last minute (such as 1 day before the scheduled event and caused the total number to drop below the minimum.) This is unfair to the other participants who have signed up and were able to make it. We ask that you consider this before signing up. (this is waived for sudden or unexpected emergencies) *
Gregory Hines with Sammy Davis Jr - jam session
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