2019/2020 Lindsay Little Theatre Playbill Submission
A warm welcome to our planning group for next season at Lindsay Little Theatre! We are so excited to work together to shape another awesome, entertaining and enlightening playbill.

We are excited to welcome new and returning Producers and Directors, or any event / production suggestion you may have. Please fill out the form below with as many details as you can NO LATER THAN SUNDAY MARCH 3rd. We will hold a playbill general meeting in March - date to be confirmed.

Any questions? Email us at info@lindsaylittletheatre.com or contact the Playbill Selection Committee directly at shannonpetersbain@gmail.com.

Long Live The Theatre,


Shannon Bain
Lindsay Little Theatre
Playbill Selection Committee

A reminder; our Purpose* is to:
- Encourage and promote activity in live theatre
- Provide instruction in all phases of live theatre production
- Foster and encourage public interest in live theatre
- Enjoy all aspects of live theatre.

yay! :-)

*Lindsay Little Constitution; revised and updated 2016

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