Class of 2020 Exit Survey: Due May 8th!
*If your college or employer needs final transcripts, please request them via Parchment after second semester is completed. You may continue to use Parchment as needed throughout your college/career ahead!
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If attending college, where are you going and what's your tentative major? If you're undecided on a major, that's okay!
If not attending college, what are your career plans? (If applicable, name the company you're working for, the apprenticeship you're beginning, etc.)
Please list scholarships you have been awarded, including scholarships specific to the college you're attending and also private scholarships. Examples: SVSU Cardinal Scholarship-$2000 renewable for 4 years & MEA Scholarship $500. *Reminder, several local scholarships have not been announced yet. If you earn more later, you can add them by resubmitting this form!
Did you submit a FAFSA form? If you haven't, there is still time to do it! Visit *
If you are TIP eligible and still need help, please email Mrs. Czymbor at!
For more information, google Michigan TIP Eligibility or call 1-888-447-2687 to check your eligibility!
Thank you for completing this form!
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