Thank you for your interest in trading at Underneath the Stars festival 2020
Festival Information and Terms & Conditions
Please read the Festival Information and Terms & Conditions for ALCOHOLIC DRINKS TRADERS at Underneath the Stars Festival 2020 before submitting your application.

By submitting your application to trade, you acknowledge that you will abide by the Terms & Conditions as stated.

Festival Information and Trading Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking the link below:-

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Trading alcohol at Underneath the Stars festival is subject to UK licensing laws.
The festival premises license is issued by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC)
Please confirm your on site trading operation is overseen by at least one personal License holder
Please state a few events which highlight your past trading year:
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Is your food business registered with the appropriate environmental health office for your area? *
Please state which authority you are registered with *
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Underneath the Stars Festival encourages ethical and green trade as detailed in our Information and Terms & Conditions.
UTSf does not permit the use of single use plastic cups & plates, plastic bags, plastic straws or single use plastic condiment sachets, please confirm you do not use these products? *
UTSf ensures that all traders use compostable, biodegradable packaging, serveware, cutlery, drinks holders and lids. Please confirm you agree to this? *
Please confirm that all coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate you serve is Fairtrade? *
Please confirm that all your eggs and egg products are free range? *
Do you use local produce where possible? *
Is there anything else you would like to add about the environmental sustainability of your stall?
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Pitch Fees and Sizes
The cost of an ALCOHOLIC DRINKS TRADER pitch at Underneath the Stars festival 2019 is a fixed payment of £1350.
A litter bond of £100 will also be charged, this will be reimbursed after you leave the site and your pitch is confirmed to be clean and tidy by a festival team member.

This fee includes 1 x 16amp single phase 24 hour power supply which can be accessed from Thursday 1pm until Monday 10am.

On success of your application the festival will issue you an Invoice for £100 deposit payable within 14 days of issue. Late payment may result in the withdrawal of the offer of a pitch.

The full pitch fee (1£1350 + VAT) plus Litter Bond must then be paid by April 30th 2020 to secure your position at the festival.

Pitch size: This includes any additional pop ups, galley tents, gas bottle cage, guy ropes and stock vehicle. The site manager will allocate a three metre gap between all catering pitches to comply with fire safety recommendations

On site static vehicles: Space is limited so this should only be refrigeration and stock vehicles.

Exact FRONTAGE of pitch required (max 7m) including any additional prep areas, pop ups, galley tents, guy ropes and any fridge units. *
(in metres) - please do not add in unnecessary contingency, be as accurate as possible
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Exact DEPTH of pitch required (max 9m) including any additional prep areas, pop ups, galley tents, guy ropes and any fridge units. *
(in metres) - please do not add in unnecessary contingency, be as accurate as possible
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Pitch Layout *
Please describe clearly what your trading space consists of, including dimensions and orientation.
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Stock Vehicles *
Please state the number and size of any stock vehicles required. Please note that UTSf reserve the right to determine the location of all stock vehicles. We are not able to guarantee that they will be immediately next to your stall.
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Number of wristbands required (inc children): note wristbands are not transferable *
If you require more than 4 wristbands, please state how many you require in total. These will be charged at a 50% trader discount rate.
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Power Requirements
You may not bring your own generators onsite.

We provide a 16amp single phase 24 hour power supply which is included in your pitch cost. A larger supply can be arranged at an additional cost. The power supply can be accessed from Thursday 1pm until Monday 10am.

We aim to get the power supply as close to your stand as possible, however, please ensure you have a minimum of 20metres of correct waterproof cable, adaptors, plugs and sockets for your requirement.
Please let us know your power requirements: *
Are you cooking with gas? *
Please confirm you have read the Festival's gas safety checklist - it can be found here http://bit.ly/2rmhdYL *
You will be required to submit all relevant documentation to trade at Underneath the Stars Festival 2019. Please ensure the documents you are uploading are current. We understand that by the time of the festival, you may have some documents that need renewing.

Please click on the link below to upload all relevant documentation.

- Food Hygiene Training Certificates of Food Handlers
- Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
- Allergen Lists and Staff Training
- Third Party Liability Insurance
- Health and Safety Risk Assessment
- Fire Risk Assessment
- Proposed Menu and Price List
- Environmental/Ethical Impact Statement (optional)
- Quality Photos of food you serve (optional)
- Quality Photos of Unit (Smart phone pic is fine if framed and lit suitably)

These documents will be reviewed by our Health & Safety officer.


Once you are happy you have supplied us with everything, please submit and we will be in touch if we think you're a good fit for our event.

For more information please contact:
Fee Fitzsimmons-Holling - Retail/Arena Manager

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