East Pott Clover Hunt
ALL areas families are invited to join East Pott 4-H for a Clover Hunt around East Pottawattamie County!

Solve the clues below that will lead you to area businesses in East Pottawattamie County - Macedonia, Carson, Oakland, Hancock, Avoca and Walnut. (Read the clues and figure out the businesses ahead of time, so you have a driving route planned out)

Drive by each business and look for a four leaf clover in their window! Each business's clover will have a letter on it that can be seen from your vehicles. Record the letters.

Unscramble the letters you found on the clovers across East Pottawattamie County to solve the final puzzle!

Submit your puzzle and be entered to win! One entry per person - families can have multiple!!

Clues will be posted from May 1 - May 12! May 13th the winner will be drawn!

Have fun & be safe exploring East Pottawattamie County!
1. Head on BACK to Macedonia for dinner at the best bar and grill in town! *
2. ROLL down the HILL of Commercial Street in Carson to deposit your pay check! *
3. You, your family and friends join here to celebrate occasions in Carson! *
4. Although the cows don't live in this BARN, a steak can be enjoyed here in Carson! *
5. In Oakland, this is where the flag flies high and the council says aye. *
6. Penny for your thoughts, we are GREAT listeners here in Oakland. *
7. This is the office in Oakland with four H's: Head, Heart, Hands, Health *
8. We are here in Oakland for the FARMers and a voice in agriculture! *
9. With an office in Oakland we serve the entire East Pottawattamie County for all your environmental, soil and water needs! *
10. An organized collection to keep the history of Oakland and the surrounding areas alive! *
11. Money doesn't grow on this, but it is the logo of an Oakland business. *
12. In Oakland, we are the only place to find a blizzard in the summer. *
13. For just 55 cents, this Hancock business sells items that travel all over the world, yet always get stuck in a corner! *
14. In July, we bring our livestock, projects, family and friends to Avoca to show off a year of hard work! *
15. Come to Avoca if you are feeling blue, I've got blooming bouquets sure to cheer you! *
16. This business in Avoca only has two words but thousands of letters in it! *
17. Look for a big "B" in Walnut where you can find lots of antiques and a boutique! *
18. A penny saved is a penny eared here in Walnut! *
Solve the Puzzle!
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