DOUBLE LIFE is an online project developed by Lancashire based musical theatre company leo&hyde, funded by the Culture Co-op and More Music.

This sign up form is intended as an expression of interest and not a commitment to being part of the Zoom workshop- it should only take 1 minute to fill out, then we will be in touch

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What’s it about?

Take part in exciting creative workshops delivered by professionals and showcase your skills alongside West End stars in a new music video inspired by a song from GUY, the new musical from leo&hyde.

GUY (@guythemusical) is a new LGBTQIA+ electronic musical about a guy that doesn’t fit in and pretends to be someone else online; however he soon realises that being yourself is the only way to be happy and find love.


Who is it for?

This opportunity is limited to LGBTQIA+ individuals and young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 for those with disabilities inc. mental health), who are based in Lancashire.

No previous experience is required, and we encourage people to try something new with our friendly and open team of experienced performers.


How will the workshops work?

Workshops will be held over Zoom in groups of 6-10 people in October 2020.

The energetic team from GUY will guide you through fun and friendly workshops that will explore themes of; living in isolated environments, life online, and other LGBTQIA+ issues.

WORKSHOP 1. Dance with Ashley Luke Lloyd (performed in Billy Elliot, Dreamgirls on the West End)

- Ashley will take the ideas and responses from the groups to create dance routines
- These dance routines will be the ones people will be given to learn for the music video
- You will then be encouraged to go and learn the routine for recording as part of a music video

WORKSHOP 2. Devising and performance skills with the cast of GUY

- Discuss responses to the song, Double Life, that will be sent through in advance
- Channel these responses in groups to create a short spoken performances to the group
- Develop performing skills, such as warming up, communication, and acting to camera


I’ve filled out the form, what’s next?

Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch over the next few days to provide more detail on the workshops, including dates, times and further details on how to secure your place. For those interested in the music video, we can email you to let you know when resources are available.

We will need an email address that will be used to contact you about this project. If you are under 18, this can be from a parent/carer if you like, or your own, but we will need to get parental consent for you to take part.
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Example of the music from GUY - 'Click' is about two guys falling in love online, but one of them is using someone else's pics
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