CU CPD/ Training Event Accreditation Request Form 2023
This Credit Union Training Event/CU CPD Accreditation Request Form is used by training course providers to obtain a code for a training event delivered to credit union personnel to allow the event be recorded on credit unions Learning Management System - CU Learn. This code may be required for CU CPD accreditation purposes, or for general purposes to allow a credit union to maintain a complete record of all training undertaken by the credit union.  

This form should be submitted by the organiser of the event at least FOUR weeks ahead of the event in order for the event to be accredited before it runs. (Those wishing to attend a course who require CU CPD should seek prior confirmation from the organisers that the course has been awarded a CU CPD code - and if not the organisers should be asked to apply for a code using this form).

On successful application the course organiser will be contacted with an accreditation code which then should be provided to all course attendees after successful completion of the event. Accreditation for a course is only valid in the year for which it is awarded. Events must be reapplied for each year.

If CU CPD accreditation is also being sought for the course, please note:

Relevancy of an event for CU CPD is determined under two headings:  

CU CPD Ops. is granted only where the event meets the specific requirements of the Central Banks Minimum Competency Code, MCC (2017), as related to the provision of advice around the eight retail financial products or the compliance and regulation of same.  

CU CPD Gov. is granted where the event meets the broader governance or business development requirements of a credit union, and is usually applied to volunteer audiences.  

CU CPD hours cannot be advertised until a CU CPD accreditation number has been provided. Advertising of CU CPD for an event before final accreditation has been provided could lead to a dismissal of the application by the CU CPD Accreditation Panel. Please note that CPD accreditation by other bodies does not necessarily guarantee CPD for CU CPD members.  

The event organiser/trainer must obtain and maintain proof of attendance at any CU CPD accredited event, such as a signed attendance sheet. For online meetings/classes, or live webcasts, attendees must be registered for the event and the organiser should only provide the CU CPD code after it is established actual attendance as demonstrated through online login and logout records. (The sending of a successful completion email or certificate of attendance for online events after actual attendance has been confirmed will aid in communication of successful CPD award).  

Records of attendance for all CU CPD events must be kept by the organiser. This proof of attendance may be requested during the annual CU CPD Audit. Failure to provide complete records for audit will result in accreditations being withdrawn from event organisers / trainers in the future.  

The CU CPD Accreditation Panel reserves the right to request any additional information on an event that it may deem necessary in determining the relevancy of the event and/or the experience and knowledge of presenters. If an event is subsequently found to not constitute a relevant training event, the CU CPD Panel reserve the right to remove any CU CPD accreditation previously awarded.

The minimum unit of time recognised and accredited for CPD purposes is 1/2 hour. The maximum number of formal hours that will be accredited for any single day is 8 hours, while the maximum number of formal hours that will be accredited for any single topic within a day is 4 hours.  

The maximum number of formal hours that will be accredited for any single tested online e-learning/live webcast is 2 hours.

The CU CPD Panel’s decision on CPD accreditation is binding.  

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