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Block Description Block 1- Block 4
A block is two storied building consist of 4 Units each(Two at upper Floor and Two at Lower). Each Unit has two rooms furnished with mattress in every unit. The units are equipped with Toilet and kitchen facilities.
Charges per Unit: Nu. 500 per Night
Image of Block 1- Block 4
Block 5- Block 7
A block is two storied building. Each building has two units and each unit is partitioned into 10 rooms. The toilets are located outside proximal to buildings. Charges per Room: Nu. 200 per Room, per Night.
Image of Block 5- Block 7
Guest House Type A
One stories building with a bedroom,Kitchen and wash room attached. Mattress,blanket and pillow available in the bedroom and geyser attached in wash room. Charges per Room: Nu. 2000 per Room, per Night.
Image of Guest House Type A
Room for Differently Abled People
This block is one storied building particularly meant for differently abled people who are visiting to Hot Spring facility. The toilet is attached inside the room.
Charges per Room- Nu. 300 per Night
Image of the Room for Differently abled people
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