Downtown Marion, SC Merchant Questionnaire
The Historic Marion Revitalization Association (HMRA) is dedicated to assisting our current downtown commercial district thrive and survive! Our Board of Directors want to hear from you in order to assist you in maintaining or improving your current business position in the City of Marion. Please take a moment to complete this survey. This information will be shared with the downtown commercial district and with city leaders who help promote our Historic Downtown, Marion, SC. Thank you!
HMRA's Mission Statement:
To preserve the historic essence through preservation, and stimulate and promote the economic vitality of the Historic Downtown District of Marion, South Carolina.
HMRA's Purpose:
The purposes for which this corporation is organized are to stimulate the downtown historic commercial district in Marion, South Carolina through: (a) Organization-encouraging cooperation and building leadership in the business community; (b) Promotion-creating a positive image for downtown by promoting the downtown (locally and regionally) as an exciting place to live, shop and invest; (c) Design-improving the appearance of the downtown area while encouraging the preservation of the historic structures and the compatibility of improvements with the historic appearance of downtown Marion; (d) And to purchase or otherwise acquire, own, lease, and receive, administer and disburse funds in connection with any activities related to the above purposes.
1. What is your biggest business challenge? (Select as many as needed)
2. What are your thoughts on your store hours?
3. Would you consider augmenting your store hours, for example 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM?
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4. Rate the impact on your sales during HMRA events.
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5. What three HMRA events have the most impact (positive or negative) on your sales? (List the events and comment whether + or -)
6. Do you have a website?
7. Do you utilize social media to sell products and services?
8. How satisfied are you with Historic Marion Revitalization Association?
9. Would you be willing to meet with other business owners and HMRA to discuss concerns and discover solutions?
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