Submit a model airplane to the National Model Aviation Museum for Committee review
If you have any questions or comments about the donation process, please get in touch with Collections Manager Maria VanVreede at or (765) 287-1256, ext. 508.

This form is required for model airplanes only. One form is required per one model airplane; multiple models cannot be submitted together. If you have other modeling related items to donate, please email Maria at to discuss.

A Word .doc and a PDF of this form are available on the museum's website at It is recommended you look at one of those versions first so you can get a feel for the questions that are asked.

The completed form will be emailed to you after you submit the answers.

Thank you for your offer to donate to the National Model Aviation Museum. We encourage and actively solicit the donation of artifacts and displays, and through donations like yours, the museum has become one of the premier model aviation museums in the world. Please read and follow the instructions below to begin the donation process. Please do not send anything to the museum without prior approval from museum staff, as we can not guarantee the items will be accepted. Items may be returned to you if they artifacts are not needed, or are in poor condition.

The Acquisition Committee must review and approve all model aircraft prior to donation. This form is required to begin that process. After submitting this form, please e-mail recent color photographs to Additional materials, such as original photographs or supporting documentation relating to the model can also be emailed to Maria at

This form will then be reviewed by the Acquisition Committee at one of their quarterly meetings. When reviewing the airplanes, the Committee especially looks at how the model fits into the developmental and technological history of aeromodeling, as well as whether or not the museum collections already have an airplane(s) that represents the same era, design, class and technological advancements as the model under review (because of this please pay special attention to the questions related to this). The Committee does not accept models solely for their ties to specific builders, the model’s competitive history, or the history of the full scale aircraft the model represents.

Please be aware that the museum accepts donations unconditionally. This means that the donated items become the sole property of the museum. Acceptance does not necessarily imply that the items will be on display even though that is one of the goals and reasons for accepting such items. Displays are rotated and changed to give the museum a fresh look and therefore items which were on display may not always be kept on display. In addition, the museum occasionally lends artifacts to other museums for temporary exhibits.

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