Solidarity with striking Flormar Workers!
The struggle of Flormar workers from Gebze, who were unfairly dismissed from their posts for being members of the union Petrol-Is, has been on going since May 15. Workers within the resistance, which was launched on the steps of the factory, have said they will continue with the struggle to return to their roles as members of the union.

The workers have had their resistance heard all over the country, and yet the government still remains ignorant. Mainstream media platforms, all of which are under the control of Erdogan and the AKP, have turned their backs to the workers struggle.

The 127 workers, most of which are women, who have been sacked for organising within the cosmetics company, are struggling economically as they fight for their rights. SPOT has joined this campaign for this very reason, calling for international solidarity with the workers.

“We stand with the rightful struggle of the Flormar workers.

“There are all sorts of obstacles in the way of organising for trade union members in Turkey. While facing these obstacles, workers are also left to deal with the AKP policies, which disregard the rights of workers.

“What the Flormar workers have to endure is the most striking example of this. Those working in a factory in the Gebze region have made great efforts to organise through their union from the beginning of this year.

“One by one, the workers were made members of the trade union, Petrol-Is. The union was able to gain recognition after five months of hard work.

“However, as commonly seen in Turkey, Flormar dismissed the 127 workers from their positions in May simply for exercising their rights. 127 mostly women workers suddenly found themselves thrown out the door.”

We, the undersigned, express our solidarity with all of the striking Flormar workers. We demand the urgent reinstatement of the workers and as well the full recognition of their rights to join their trade union, Petrol-Is.

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