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Please provide YOUR contact information, including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS.
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Please fill out this form for each child that you are registering. *Multiple Child Discount of $10 per child per lab
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Please provide the primary home mailing address of the child.
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This helps us know how to serve all the districts better
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What is your child's current school grade?
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Each lab is $55. Hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please see our FB page for program descriptions!! *NOTE: There does need to be a minimum of 12 students enrolled in each lab, or the lab will be cancelled.
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Please provide contact information for the child's legal guardians, including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS.
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Pick Up Authorization *
Please provide name and phone numbers for ALL adults authorized to pick up your child.
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Medical, Social, or Behavior Information
If your child has special medical, social, or behavior needs, OR if you will be sending medication with your child, please provide all relevant information for your child. If you have a preference for a hospital in the event of an emergency, please indicate so HERE.
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Doctor Information *
Please provide the name and contact information for your child's primary care physician.
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Payment for labs *
Forms Required *
STEAMOPOLIS requires a lot of paperwork to be filled out. Its no fun, and we're sorry. The forms are available on our website. Please check all of the following, to acknowledge that you understand that the paperwork has to be completed when your child is dropped off for the lab and that payment has to be received for your child to be enrolled. New paperwork is required for each school year, not calendar year. This school year is for 2019-2020. NOTE: Your child WILL NOT be allowed to stay at the lab, if we do not have the "program agreement" and payment.
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