Curvy Plus Size Brand Survey
This is a survey to ensure we as a brand better serve our community. Your assistance in answering the below questions with as much detail as you can will be so appreciated for our Small business to improve upon.Thank you in advance!
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1. In what city do you live?
2. What do you do for a living?
3. Are you married, single, and have kids?
4. What do you like doing for fun?(i.e. brunch dates with friends, nail appointments etc)
5. Have you ever felt you were settling in terms of styles you really wanted when trying to purchase plus size clothing, as not many options were available, and how did that make you feel?
6. What's your biggest challenge when it comes to purchasing stylish clothing as a curvy or plus size woman?
7. Can you tell me how you currently deal with trying to purchase stylish plus size clothing? Do you think you have enough options
8. Do you think finding stylish plus size clothing is a problem, In what ways?
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9. What was your absolute biggest obstacle to finding stylish plus size clothing? (Size, trendy stylish options for curvy women not available, price etc)
10. What products do you wish we carried as a Plus size brand?(everyday casual clothes, going out/cocktail dresses/items, holiday wear, work wear etc)
11. Which Social media platforms do you use(Select All the ones you use)
12. Is it important that the brand's social media page shows you models that look like you, that you can relate to?( for example show plus size models)
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13. Which influencers do you follow/who are your current favourite influencers?
14. Name your favourite clothing online shop?
15. How important is the online service experience for you(beautiful packaging,speedy delivery, good customer service)
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16. Name one or two or more stores that define your style even if they don’t carry your size
17. Do you prefer online purchasing or at a Store or mall and why?
18. What is the best form of updates or new releases communication do you prefer from brands?
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Thank you so much for your feedback as a small business this means a lot!
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