MYTHIC Community - Content Creator Partnership Application
Greetings, Arcanist!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a MYTHIC Streamer or Youtube Partner!

We created this program to help our community members grow and become successful on their streaming networks -- just as they are helping us grow and become successful!

What are the Perks?

• MYTHIC will ADVERTISE for you! It's an easy, free way to get your content advertised to hundreds of like-minded gamers.

• We'll add you to our streamer bot - this bot will announce on our Discord when you are streaming live or when you post a new video.
• We'll also advertise your content in other online venues outside of our Discord.

• MYTHIC will provide CUSTOM GRAPHICS to fit your content!

• Please note MYTHIC's trademarked logo will be included in these.

• MYTHIC will help MODERATE your chat from a professional standpoint, ensuring that your chat runs the way you'd like.

• MYTHIC will provide you with an ADVISORY to help you set up your stream! and also help improve performance for viewers to enjoy your content!

• MYTHIC will give you VIP PRIORITY.

• While we won't provide you with any advantages over other players on our servers, you'll get priority when stuck, glitched, in need of a server refund, etc.

What do YOU need to do?:

• We ask that our Content Creators help to boost MYTHIC through word of mouth.
"Hey guys! I'm part of this awesome gaming community called MYTHIC! They really know their stuff."

• If you want help with moderation, you'll need to make a member of MYTHIC a moderator on your forums/chat.
Please give us a run down on what your priorities are so that we can help you shape it the way you want.

• If you're playing on a MYTHIC server, you'll need to put our name into the title, and links to our Discord/Steam/Forums into the description.

• We ask you to not advertise for other communities or servers. You'll be considered a MYTHIC Content Creator, and that means MYTHIC only.

• We'd also like you support other MYTHIC Content Creators.
Host them, give them views, etc. MYTHIC is a family, and we all thrive on one another's successes.

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