Interested in Fostering?
This document was created to give you an idea of what to expect and what is expected of you if you decide to foster for Rescue Outreach!

Who Is Rescue Outreach?

Rescue Outreach is a rescue, established in September 2017, serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. It was started after there was an emergency need to evacuate cats and kittens from a shelter in Hazard, KY. If they were unable to make room for new intakes, over 30 cats and kittens were facing euthanasia. After some discussing and posting on Facebook, the outpouring of support from our friends and family to foster or adopt one of these in need felines was amazing! From there, the rest is history!

Where are the animals from?

We work in partnership with Starfish Animal Rescue out of Batavia, Illinois. They have been an amazing support system for us as we are starting! Most of the animals come from the shelters in Kentucky. Starfish transports out of Kentucky every 2 weeks. We look through photos and work closely with the employees of the shelter to find perfect matches to rescue from the shelter! The animals then loaded into crates and into the transport vans. They travel all night long until reaching Batavia, Illinois. Once there, Rescue Outreach picks up their pulled animals and brings them to our meeting point for that day.

Why Kentucky?

Animals are not treated as family in Kentucky. Most animals are left outside or chained to trees. The spay and neuter rates are almost non-existent. The main shelter services 4 counties, and animal control from EACH county can bring in up to 7 crates of cats/kittens per week and 25 dogs/puppies! Each cat/kitten crate can have a single cat, a litter of kittens or a mother AND her kittens. This number does not include the animals that are brought in by the public. The shelter only has 4 employees and adoptions are a rare occurrence. If it wasn't for rescue groups, their KILL rate would be near 100%.

How do I choose the animal I want to foster?

Rescue Outreach functions mostly through our Facebook page, Facebook Foster group and Facebook messenger. Once we know what you are looking for, we will find some matches and send you shelter photos! From there you choose and we confirm with the shelter. If you are further from our Veterinarians, we may transfer acclimated/well animals to your care so we can keep ill ones closer to our Veterinarians.

When will my animal come?

Transport from Kentucky occurs every 2 weeks on a Saturday. Pick up location will either be in Antioch, IL or Union Grove, WI depending on who does transport that week. You will be expected to pick up your animal. Transport time may vary depending on multiple factors. We will work hard to stay in communication with you about theses changes- traffic is not always our friend, especially with in-climate weather. We typically plan for a 12:30 pick up. If you agree to foster, we are relying on you to pick up. We do not have a place to keep extra cats and kittens because we are foster based and do not have a facility.

What happens at pick up?

When you arrive (please bring a crate to transport your animal) you will be given your animal. You will also be provided a folder for each animal. This folder contains the important adoption and health documents you will need to give to the adopter and for our records. Depending on transport circumstances- you may be emailed some of these documents. You will also be provided intake medications and instructions for administration. As we stated, these animals come from very poor conditions. They may come in with fleas, ear infections, eye infection or respiratory infections. If you have other animals, it may be best to keep the foster separate for the first 7-10 days. This will allow you to be certain they are healthy, and allow them to decompress from their journey and adjust to the new environment.

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