Citizen Science Survey: Roles for Libraries
We kindly request your participation in a short survey, the results of which we would like to incorporate into our presentation.

Its aim is twofold:
1. To picture the current involvement of libraries in citizen science
2. To receive ideas about suitable roles for libraries in citizen science initiatives

We started this survey when we were building our presentation for LIBER Annual Conference 2017 (Patras, Greece):
The Empires of the Future are the Empires of the Mind’ [Winston Churchill]: Defining the Role of Libraries in the Open Science Landscape
Dr. Paul Ayris, UCL United Kingdom
Dr. Tiberius Ignat, Scientific Knowledge Services, Switzerland

This presentation is about Open Science and includes four parts: open access and new publishing models, research data management, the European Open Science Cloud and citizen science.
In its part dedicated to citizen science, our presentation maps existing experiences and recommendations from research intensive organisations and then presents a blueprint for the roles of the library with guidelines for best practice.
We would also like to explore the perception (where available, the evidence) of new opportunities and the connection between citizen science and the newly-available technologies.

Please review this presentation here:

This survey has 10 questions and it requires an average of 10 minutes of your time.
Please do not hesitate to recommend this survey to any of your colleagues that are interested in citizen science. Your contributions will help us understanding how libraries and librarians can be involved in the complex process of engaging with surrounding society. - Thank you!
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In how many citizen science projects has your organisation been involved? *
Could you please name one (or more) successful citizen science projects in which you have been involved? Please indicate the webpage where the results are available.
How many lay citizens took part in this (these) projects?
Please describe briefly the recruiting process for these lay citizens.
Please indicate the quality of their participation (1 represents the poorest; 10 represents the highest level of attainment)
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Could you please indicate any specific role(s) that the library has played in these projects?
Could you please suggest any specific role(s) that the library can play in citizen science projects?
Could you please recommend an event for librarians that are interested to get closer to citizen science?
How important is it for other researchers to consider citizen science? (1 for “not recommended”; 10 for “highly recommended”).
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Are you available for a 20 minute call to provide further details regarding your citizen science experience? If you are, please provide a phone number or a Skype ID and a date/time preference.
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