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The Washington Association for Language Teaching (WAFLT) and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) World Languages Program and State Board of Education have been collaborating on a series of Washington World Language Assessment Days since spring 2011. Our goal is to support students who want to take nationally recognized world language proficiency assessments, but may not have easy access to them in their school districts, colleges, or universities.

This effort is part of our state's initiative to award Competency-Based Credits to students who have developed language proficiency outside the usual classroom setting.

For more information about Competency-Based Credits for World Languages, visit:

For more information about the assessment options offered in Washington World Language Assessment Days, visit:

Check out the student page about which tests to take for which language:

UW Students: refer to this page for more information:



If your test is Sponsored by Seattle Public Schools, you do not need to submit a payment.
See specific information below.

UW Students: you must pay WAFLT for your test(s) in advance.

Prices for different tests as of June 2019:
$40 for STAMP. $40 for AAPPL. $40 for WorldSpeak
$80 for ACTFL OPIc. $80 for ACTFL WPT. ($160 for both)
$80 for ALTA Writing Test. $80 for ALTA Speaking & Listening Test. ($160 for both)
$180 for "Custom" tests for other languages (Proctored Writing and Oral Language Test)
The ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) assessments ($145) must be paid in advance.

Pay WAFLT by credit card at Brown Paper Tickets: for testing at the Seattle World School
(note that there is a small service charge for the transaction)
Specific testing dates for payment will be added in September 2019.


If you have other questions about registration, please contact:
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Be sure to pick a date and location where the language test you selected above is offered. If you don't see a date or location that you can attend, then choose "Possible future date if available" and we'll contact you when more dates and locations have been added. Registrations usually CLOSE for that date about a week before the test date.
Reporting of Results
Select "Yes," in order to receive a printed report of your test results or letter with high school credit recommendations. (College students should also select "Yes" to "Test Results" in order to receive a copy of their test results by mail.)
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Payment Information
WAFLT coordinates Washington World Language Assessment Days as a service to students throughout the state. Some students pay their own registration fees. In some cases, the registration fee is paid for by the district (Sponsored).

Seattle Public Schools has not yet confirmed sponsorship of testing for 2019-2020. For now, Seattle Public Schools students can register as Sponsored, but we will confirm payment information in September 2019.

Other students will receive payment information after they register. If you are a student in Seattle Public Schools and are uncertain about whether or not your registration should be sponsored, please contact Gosia Stone
Payment Method *
For Sponsored, that means the student does not need to submit payment because the district or school has agreed to pay WAFLT directly. UW Students: you must pay WAFLT in advance for your test(s). To pay by Credit Card, you will receive a link to the Brown Paper Tickets page where you can pay.
Quick Language Self-Assessment
Take a moment to think about your current language skills in the language that you wish to be tested in (not English). Please indicate what you can comfortably do on your own in the language, from 1 (Just beginning to do this) to 5 (I can do this very easily).
Interpretive: Listening *
I can understand ideas on familiar topics expressed through phrases, short sentences, and frequently used expressions.
Just beginning to do this
I can do this very easily
Interpretive: Reading *
I can understand the main idea and some details in simple texts that contain familiar vocabulary.
Just beginning to do this
I can do this very easily
Interpersonal: Person-to-Person Communication *
I can exchange information with another person about familiar tasks, topics and activities.
Just beginning to do this
I can do this very easily
Presentational: Spoken Production *
I can use a series of phrases and sentences to provide basic information about familiar topics.
Just beginning to do this
I can do this very easily
Presentational: Writing *
I can write simple descriptions and short messages and request or provide information on familiar topics.
Just beginning to do this
I can do this very easily
Thank you!
You will receive an email confirmation with detailed location information about 7-10 days before the test date.
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