NTE18: Cumbo ECU Rego
Hi, this is the place to rego for NTE18 and NTE Mission with ECU-Cumbo. If you are planning to go to NTE in Canberra, please make sure you've registered on the official NTE page before completing this form. More info about NTE and the official rego page can be found on this link: http://nte.org.au/
This extra form will help us to plan for logistics such as transport and NTE mission.

If you have any questions about NTE & NTE Mission, contact Danny (0468 580 530, danieljoemullins@gmail.com) or Kitty (0404 021480, kitty.lt.chan@gmail.com).
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Mission dates: 5th-9th December.
Pre NTE (Monday 26th Nov, 1-3.30)
This is training and orientation for NTE Mission.
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If this is your first NTE, please select '1'. If you've done strands 1 and 2 at NextGen choose the next strand up.
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