YDS Leader Form: Start a Chapter!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader with Young Democratic Socialists, the student section of Democratic Socialists of America. This is the first step towards becoming an officially-recognized YDS chapter. Please fill out as much information as you can so we can learn more about (1) you, (2) your school, and (3) your ideas!

If you have any questions regarding the form, leadership opportunities or the YDS chapter process, please contact the YDS National Organizer: yds@dsausa.org
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Though this is a volunteer position, we can gladly help you earn academic credit from your academic institution for your volunteer efforts. For more information or a standard academic curriculum, contact: yds@dsausa.org
If YES, are there any immediate academic deadlines set by your school that we should be aware of?
About Your Ideas
Paragraph answers require a 250 character (about 50 words) minimum. Tip: Save your answers on a separate document in case a connection issue arises and your answers are not saved!
What is your interest in politics and activism? What appeals to you about democratic socialism? *
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What do you hope to learn from this experience? Any additional skills you want to let us know about? *
About What's Next
After selecting "submit," your answers will be sent to the DSA National Office. After reviewing your answers, the someone will reach out to you at the email address provided. Do not hesitate to reach out if there are any immediate questions or concerns: yds@dsausa.org
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We may want to reach out about your answers. Please list 3 1-hour timeslots when you are free to chat next week. Calls typically last 20 minutes.
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