2021 Winter Class Change Form
We thank you for your patience as we closely review and consider options for all our chapters in light of the most recent local and federal guidelines. These constantly changing updates will be guiding us as we determine our next steps.

If you are now making the decision to sit the winter session out due to the new mitigation guidelines and move to online classes, please fill out the form below for your student(s). Please allow extra time for processing and communication due to the high volume of emails and information we are working to address. We will make refund adjustments as quickly as we can and notify you when completed.

Your refund will be determined based on the standard refund policy:
No refunds past the 2nd week of class
$25 processing fee to cover 3rd party processing
Prorated based on number of classes already attended (up to two weeks, no refund past 2 weeks)

You can find our Class Safety Guidelines at https://www.cytchicago.org/covidsafety/.
What chapter are you in? *
Student Full Name(s) [If withdrawing multiple students, please list all] *
Which class(es) do you wish to withdraw from? *
Guardian Full Name(s) *
Phone Number *
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