It's Anthology Time!
Yarp, Alisha and Mamath are doing a new comic anthology, this time based on the theme of futurescape, featuring Australian POC creators.
The basics:
- PG13 level content. Please do not pitch very graphic content, as we would love to get this book into schools.
- You can interpret futurescape however you like, from recognizably nearish future to full blown sci fi. It must obviously be in the future, and this must be clear from more than just a date at the start.
- Comic can be 5 to 12 pages in length, and should be in colour.
- Must be original content
- Will be paid. We're sorting this part out, but our last anthology together had a rate of $50 per page. Alisha's last anthology had an option to be paid in equivalent books rather than cash which was popular and may be offered again.
- current delivery date is early 2020.
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The Pitch
Please pitch your comic idea below - no art is to be done specifically for the pitch.
If you're looking for inspiration, think:
- Janelle Monae
- Monika Bielskyte (listen to a couple of the interviews she's done, or trawl her twitter)
- Lots of Manga (for real, you could rock from Chobits to Akira to Astroboy to GITS, the gang's all here across like every genre)
- The rabbit hole that is the scientific world of today, creating scenarios you can take almost anywhere
- Star Trek
- Planetes

Probably avoid -
- hard sci fi. You don't really have the room for extended explanations of how some tech is going to work.
- generic dystopian/utopian narratives
- space operas. You have 12 pages.

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