2020 GOMAC - Professors Registration Form
Dear Professor, please use this “Professor Dashboard” form to REGISTER to the 2020 GOMAC, submit or update your dashboard data.

In the form you will be asked to provide a “Professor’s Authentication Email” and a “Google email” (Gmail or Google Domain email). The “Professor’s Authentication Email” is necessary for verification and ongoing communications. The “Google Email” grants you access to Google Tools that the GOMAC uses (e.g. for document sharing, communicating in Google Groups or Google Hangouts). You can provide the same email for both if your “Professor’s Authentication Email” is also a “Google email”.

VERY IMPORTANT: To view your personal “Professor Dashboard” after you've filled out the form :
1- Make sure your browser is signed in with the exact SAME “Google email” you used to submit the form. This must be the case BEFORE you access the document. Otherwise, you will not be able to view/access your data and the form will appear empty.
2- Only then should you access the same form you initially filled out. Your previous data should display correctly.

If you have questions before filling out the form, please refer to the information (e.g. FAQs, Terms and Conditions or the Contact information) on the GOMAC Website (http://www.gomachallenge.com/contact-us/).

If you encounter any problems or errors please contact: gomac@felix.fizyka.amu.edu.pl
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
This form was created inside of Faculty of Physics A. Mickiewicz University.