Steam Table Survey
Respondents with gas steam tables will be entered to win a free energy efficient gas steam table, with expected energy savings of roughly 65%. Selected sites will be contacted in February 2019.

Survey results will be used to inform a potential utility rebate for efficient steam tables, contributing to California's energy efficiency goals. It is being conducted by Frontier Energy in service of California utilities. Respondents will be kept anonymous.

What is your restaurant type?
What type of cuisine do you serve?
How many gas steam tables are used in your restaurant? *
How many electric steam tables are used in your restaurant? *
If you have >1 steam table, answer the below 4 questions in terms of the one most used table.
What is the approximate age of your steam table? *
How many pans (12 x 20") does it hold? *
What are the table's operating hours per day? *
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What are the table's operating days per week? *
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Is the restaurant open on holidays and during summer? *
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Are you willing to provide photos of your steam table(s)? This is needed if you would like a chance to receive a free energy efficient table. **If so please provide your phone/email.** *
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