Solutions Behavioral Healthcare (SBH) Strategic Planning
Coping with life's challenges isn't always easy, but the professionals at Solutions Behavioral Healthcare will offer guidance during those difficult times. We operate a full-service behavioral healthcare organization. We are committed to helping people throughout the county deal with behavioral health, family issues and addiction. Feedback is important to us and we hope, through this survey, to continue to improve our practices.

Solutions Behavioral Healthcare is seeking your input on its programs and products. Your opinions are important. Your responses will be treated confidentially.

A summary of all replies will be made available to the Strategic Planning Committee.

1. My primary relationship with Solutions Behavioral Healthcare (SBH) is as a
2. I have been involved with SBH for
3. The next 5 questions are for former/current clients only, please skip to question 8 if you are not/have not been a client with the agency. Please indicate the type of services you have received at SBH.
4. When you initially called SBH were you seen for an appointment within a satisfactory amount of time?
5. If you answered no, please indicate how long you had to wait for your appointment.
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6. When you called SBH for services did you find that you were provided easy access to care?
7. If you answered no, please provide more information on what occurred during your intake process.
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8. What CURRENT programs, products, or services could be improved?
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9. What do you see as SBH's strengths?
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10. What NEW programs, products, or services should be added to address new, emerging or unmet needs?
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11. Any other comments you would like to share?
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