CSFR Hub Club Survey - April 2019
Colorado Springs Food Rescue "Hub Club" Local Food Program starts up this June. We are looking for community feedback on what will make this program thrive! Once a member of the Hub Club, you will receive information about what foods will be included in the next Hub Club Box. If you like what you see, you confirm your order and pick up your fresh, delicious items at the pick-up site the following Friday. Pay for your items during pick-up with cash, card, or EBT/SNAP! Thanks to the Double Up Bucks program, SNAP customers can purchase each box at half the listed price. If you don’t like what you see, or you won’t be in town, no worries! You can opt out for that week, no problem - no obligation.
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Do you live in the Hillside neighborhood? *
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How many in your household? *
What do you consider affordable for a weeks worth groceries for yourself and your family? *
When grocery shopping, do you think about buying "healthy foods"? *
Are you interested in buying locally grown foods? *
What types of foods would you like to be available to purchase at this program? *
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In order to reduce the cost and increase variety, would you be interested in the addition of food items that not sourced locally? In this scenario, at least 50% of the foods included will be locally sourced. *
Would you like recipes to be included in each box? *
What is your preferred method of communication for ordering and box pick up details. *
If you answered "other" to the last questions please specify the means of communication you would prefer?
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Which of these would be a convenient pick up (pick up will be at our office) window for you? *
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