Thank you for your interest in performing at the Howloween 2024 dances! This form will collect information about yourself, your DJing preferences, and will ask for you to link to an upload of an audio audition for us to evaluate.

All auditions must be recorded within the last year and be at least 30 minutes in length, no longer than 60 minutes. Only auditions longer than 30 minutes will be considered for performance, with a maximum of 60 minutes. 

Submissions for audition will be shared with a judgement panel and evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  1. Technical Ability
    The techniques used in a mix are just as important as the songs you choose and how well they go together. Are your transitions between tracks smooth? Do you demonstrate understanding of beat matching and mixing in key? Is there variance in the techniques used?
  2.  Audio Quality & Selection
    Does the set have a good variety of songs selected? Do the songs mixed together make sense for the genre being played? Are there obvious audio quality issues with the tracks being used? EQ Balance, the quality of the audio being played, and the selection of songs picked for your set all help to build a well-balanced and satisfying mix.
  3. Entertainment
    This one is all about keeping the audience’s attention but also knowing when to adhere to an energy arc. Do the song selections invoke a specific emotion, does the set overall tell a story? There is no singular required path to fulfill this section, but sets that are able to understand the type of flow audience will usually be able to best understand and vibe with are a plus. 
Each audition will be reviewed by a team of individuals with varying experience and genre interests based upon the criteria above. Your availability, presence, and genre(s) featured in your audition will also factor into our decisions. Our goal is to cater to the musical tastes of as much of the attending audience as possible, while keeping a consistent flow of energy for dance attendees to enjoy. 

If you are selected to perform, we have a few guidelines that every performer is expected to follow:
  • All performers are bound by the guidelines laid out in the Howloween Code of Conduct.
  • Music played at Howloween is allowed to contain cursing, but we ask all DJs to avoid music that has very repetitive cursing or music considered excessively vulgar/ obscene. We know this can be somewhat subjective so please do reach out to us if you have questions about a particular track. 
  • Music tracks, DJ sets, or promotional art for your performance that is created using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is strictly prohibited.
  • All performers will be asked to attend a sound check on the evening of your performance approximately one hour before the dances begin. It is your responsibility to let the DJ Coordinator know as soon as possible if you are running late or are not able to attend sound check. Performers not present for sound check with no communication may be replaced with a backup DJ and may not be considered for future performances. 
  • If you need to cancel your performance for any reason, please let us know as soon as you are confident that this is the best choice for your circumstances. Earlier notice provides us plenty more time to find a backup DJ to replace your time slot. 
  • Your participation as a performer for Howloween is on a volunteer basis and will be credited for 10 hours of volunteer time upon successful completion of your performance. You can stack your hours for future convention years if you decide to take on additional volunteer roles. 
  • Howloween has the right to cancel your performance at any time and for any reason should the performer engage in activities that the convention deems damaging/disparaging to the organization or the community it serves.
All submissions must be received before Monday July 1st, with all DJs chosen by the week of July 7th. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can reach us by email at . We greatly appreciate your willingness to play at the Howloween dances and look forward to hearing your audition :3 
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  • Howloween Code of Conduct and the additional DJ Performer guidelines laid out above. 
  • Criteria for audition judgement.
  • Submitting an audition to Howloween is not a guarantee of being placed into the dance lineup.
  • We will do our best to meet your availability needs but may not be able to fully accommodate every request.
  • Your audition may be chosen as a backup performance in case a performer selected cannot make it to their set time. Backup performers are not eligible for volunteer perks unless they are added to the lineup and successfully complete their performance.
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