Athletic Facilities Request Form (Community)
Please fill out the following form to request a GKB Athletic Facility or GYM's. (Notice - this will not be scheduled until approval from Chris DePew or Canden Pepple)
Prior to completing this document, please review the following information located on this website at: ABOUT GKB CSD>Facilities>Facility Usage Policies
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(For multiple-day events) Please list out set-up, event beginning and ending times, and final end times for each day
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(These may or may not be available, but will try to accommodate) - (If Doors Unlocked is selected, please indicate below in "Other" which doors are to be opened and at what times)
Which Doors need to be unlocked and at what Times
Will Custodial Services be needed? *
If Answered "NO", you must provide the name of school employee taking responsibility with their contact information
If a Custodian is NOT needed
It is assumed that you have keys to unlock doors & turn on lights
If a Custodian is needed, how many will be needed?
Please enter the number of Custodians
Estimate number of hours for Custodial Services
Will Food Services be needed? *
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In Case this Event needs to be Cancelled, please notify:
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Request for use of facilities should be made as much in advance as possible, with a minimum of seven days preceding requested use.  This request will be reviewed as to available facilities and confirmed as quickly as possible.  The organization named above will be held liable for damages to school building, facilities and / or equipment beyond normal wear and tear.  NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED IN SCHOOL FACILITIES OR ON SCHOOL GROUNDS.  The Board of School Trustees of the Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community District requires that the rental of facilities other than school affiliated groups submit a $1,000,000.00 Certificate of Liability Insurance for the protection of itself and the school corporation for the period of use herein established and name Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community School District as an additional insured.  A copy must be provided in advance.  The organization named above shall relieve and shall hold harmless Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community Schools and all of its employees or agents from any and all responsibility in regard to liability for bodily injury, property damage, and product liability of any kind during the period of use herein established.  The organization named above hereby agrees not to hold any activity deemed to be objectionable as determined by the values of the community or to create a public disturbance.  Groups required to pay will be charged a $50.00 deposit (refundable) is required to hold the facility.  This will be applied to the total cost of the facility.  Person(s) held responsible (must be at least 21)
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