Helping Visually impaired Students for filling their Admission Form of Fergusson College.
So Yesterday I wrote Mail to our College Authority but they didn't find the idea of making video is feasible so they gave me option of giving Contact and names of 10 Students who will help Visually impaired Students while filling the application form.

This was my message , Read it and if you want to help Students then Fill the Form 👇

Sir / Ma'am ,
I am writing this message to you regarding a request to make the admission procedure more simpler.
As we know, our Fergusson College is very well known and reputed where everyone wants to pursue their graduation from.

Sir/ Ma'am , Actually as soon as the admission procedure started, I received many calls from our Visually Impaired students regarding the incomprehensible procedure of admission and the difficulties theuly are facing.This issue isn't just for Visually Impaired students, but also the issue of sighted students, as many students from rural section face difficulty to understand the procedure clearly. Hence, many of them need to go to the cyber cafe for filling the form but because of present prevailing conditions of pandemic they are sceptical to step out.

( many deserving students lose their seat just because, they missed the procedure and I have few examples also. )

Hence, I kindly request you to look into the matter with utmost urgency.

And, if feasible add one video about explainating the admission procedure on this web. ( added one pic for ref. )

So that everyone can fill it , without any difficulty.
And I think if we give this task of making admission procedure video to animation department , I personally believe video will be ready in just a day.
I am awaiting for your positive action.

Or we can simply make a video like this,

Yours Truly,
Vishal Palve.
( 9423792915 )
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