Satisfaction survey
This survey tries to measure your satisfaction regarding the website and the attention offered by the advertised companies in which you have been able to establish communication
Regarding the advertised companies
The following questions are intended to measure the quality of information provided by the announced companies
Have you been able to communicate with the company advertised in the directory? *
Have you received a response from the announced company? *
Has the response received meet your requirements? *
Would you establish communication with the company? *
On regards of the website
The following questions are intended to understand the use of the website
Did the directory seemed useful to find the desired information? *
Does the site feel friendly to locate the necessary information? *
Have you been able to find the desired information in the Directory? *
Is the directory loading speed? *
How did you get to the website? *
What do you think we could improve in the directory? *
In order to determine the demographic situation of the directory, we are interested in finding out your age, sex and geographical location
Age range *
Sex *
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