Kindergarten Parent Survey ~ 2020-2021
We look forward to working with your incoming Kindergarten student. The information gathered with this survey will help us ensure a smooth transition for your student. Please answer the questions honestly to give us a true picture of your child.
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Can your child feed him/herself, wash their hands, and dress independently? *
Can your child use the bathroom independently? * *
Does your child have difficulty separating from parent/guardian? * *
Does your child speak so that he or she can be understood by others? * *
Is your child highly active? * *
Does your child sit and listen to stories being read? * *
Does your child talk with friends or relatives who visit? * *
Can your child name letters of the alphabet (out of order and context. Point to a letter P ask them "what letter is this? Repeat with several other letters) *
Does your child know how to tell you the name of colors? (ask them "What color is this?") (Use - red, blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, purple, black, gray, pink) *
If you make a pattern of- red, blue, red, blue, red, blue.... Can your child continue the pattern? *
Can your child tell you the month and day of their birthday? *
Can your child tell you their address? (ask them "What is your address?" or "Where do you live?" ) Please only check Yes if they were able to tell you both their street name and town name. *
Does your child nap during the day? * *
Please list some of your child's favorite activities. * *
Please share any additional information about your child below:
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