2019-2020 FIRST® LEGO® League Trinidad and Tobago CITY SHAPER Registration
Registration for the Trinidad and Tobago FIRST® LEGO® League Competition is now open! Please note that the official challenge release date is August 1, 2019.

*Please ensure to keep the email you receive from Google Forms once you complete the Registration Form. This email allows you to make edits to the form.

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Recruit from 2 to 10 interested team members ages 9 to 16. No team member may be outside the maximum allowed age prior to January 1 of the year the Challenge is released. Students can only be on one team, but a Coach is allowed to coach multiple teams.
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This can be any creative name that the group chooses to call themselves. (If you would like to include your School/Institution/Sponsor in your team name, please put it here as well).
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This is the school or institution the team represents
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Did you participate in past FLL tournaments?
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If your team already owns a LEGO MINDSTORM kit, you are not required to purchase another.
Practice Table
This is not a requirement, however, if you would like NIHERST to build a practice field table for your team at a cost of TTD $850, please indicate below.
Does your team require a practice field table?
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