2018 Redlands Revue Support Application
Redlands Revue is a joint activity brought to you by the Guides and Scouts of the Redlands. Redlands Revue is a variety show and it is not just for those who are great singers or dancers, nor is it just for the youngest members of the associations. If being on
stage is not for you, there is a large team working behind the scenes who need your help to get Revue on stage.
For Redlands Revue to happen there is a lot of behind the scenes work to be done. Some of this work is done year round – such as the planning and preparation by the Executive and the Production Team. Most work though, occurs at the time that rehearsals
start and at the actual show. All work is done by volunteers. Whether you are a member of the Scout or Guide Associations or just have a child in the movement, why not sign-up to help with the show. We don’t let the cast have all the fun! Each season there are dedicated volunteers who come back to help, even if they don’t have a child in cast.

Support Section Areas
Technical - lighting/sound
Ticket sales
Front of house

This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea! Not sure where you would like to help out?
Not a problem. Let us know you would like to help and we can talk to you further about where we can use your help and skills.

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