Lovestone Radio Probing Questions
This is totally anonymous. Answer as many or as few questions as you feel comfortable with, though it's best if you're willing to push in and answer more. They will be compiled into a section in the zine and not attributed to anyone person.

These questions are intended to be serious reflections for you. The goal is two-fold. First it's to remind everyone that sees these questions that they are not alone. That whatever thoughts may feel weird, whatever experience may feel too off-the-wall, whatever fears feel too dark and overwhelming – we are all struggling. We are all struggling and it doesn't have to be alone. When we see others answers to these questions it may remind us that these things are sometimes more broadly shared, or at the very least they don't have to just knock around alone in our heads causing chaos.

The second goal is to give you an opportunity to be able to own some of the things that may be challenging for you. By sharing them with others, even anonymously, it's an opportunity to get things that have been in your head out onto printed paper. When they become spoken, they can start to feel less daunting and can start to aid in the healing process.
What's been one of your biggest life lessons this year?
What's a part of you that's been holding you back?
Who didn't you get enough love from when you were growing up? How do you wish that person would have shown their love to you?
What is something you regret?
What is something that you enjoy doing that you don't make enough time for?
What about death scares you most?
What is a sexual fantasy that you have that you've not said out loud?
What part of you are you most proud of?
What part of you scares you the most?
What can you offer others moving forward?
What's one thing that you'd like to do in the next decade that seems crazy or unlikely?
If you could apologize to someone, who would it be and why?
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