Parent survey for guidance classes
Listed below are some common topics covered by Arkansas School Counselors. However, I would love your help in understanding the specific areas that you feel are most important for your child. Listed below are 10 topics. Please answer YES to the top five specific topics that you feel would be most beneficial for me to cover this year during my guidance classes. Thank you so much for your help with this, your input is very much appreciated.
Achieving goals (problem-solving and decision-making)
Developing career awareness (personal abilities, skills, interests and motivation)
Acquiring self-knowledge (identifying feelings, appropriate and inappropriate behavior, etc.)
Acquiring interpersonal skills (respect, appreciating diversity, improving communication skills and making friends)
Self-knowledge application (conflict-resolution, developing coping skills)
Acquiring personal safety skills
Relating school to life experiences (time management, balancing extra-curricular activities)
Skills to improve learning (learning styles)
Achieving school success (taking responsibility, working independently and cooperatively in groups)
Improving academic self-concept (attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning)
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