Space4Cycling Bristol - Suggestions for ward level improvements
Bristol Cycling Campaign is preparing a campaign to get real political support for cycling after the elections of May 2016. What commitments would you like from council candidates to make cycling better in your ward?
Nature of measure
Where is the improvement? *
It is best if this is a specific improvement, over a defined area of up to 100m.
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What needs to be changed? *
Solutions are good, but just naming the problem is important. Who will it affect?
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Anything else of interest?
Is it an issue for the local Neighbourhood Partnership, or any incidents?
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If you know it
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Your contact details
A name and email is very helpful. We'll keep you updated about Space for Cycling. Information is held by Bristol Cycling Campaign for the purpose of campaigning for better cycling provision, and for the purpose of keeping you informed of our campaigns. You can request to be removed from our list by emailing We will never share our information with third parties.
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