Clinton County COVID-19 Resource Request
It must be noted that due to limited supply of much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 response, the priority of the state of Michigan is currently to ensure the availability of this PPE to hospitals, health care staff and our first responders. You are encouraged to establish communication with distributors and retailers to obtain these resources through your traditional procurement procedures. Please submit requests for resources that you are unable to fill yourselves.  The state may, or may not, have to pass on some, or all, costs for resources provided to private for profit entities pending future guidance from FEMA. The state will cover all costs for resources provided to public entities and eligible non-profits. Regardless of this uncertainty, we encourage you to put in requests for resources needed to protect life safety.
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I have read the above paragraph and understand my organization may be charged by the State of Michigan for resources received if I represent a private entity. *
Standard Supply Request
Please provide the quantity requested for the below resources
Nitrile Gloves - Small(Number of Individual Gloves)
Nitrile Gloves - Medium(Number of Individual Gloves)
Nitrile Gloves - Large(Number of Individual Gloves)
Nitrile Gloves - Extra Large(Number of Individual Gloves)
N95 Masks
Surgical Masks
Face Shields
Disposable Shoe Covers(Number of Individual Shoe Covers)
Non-Touch Thermometers
Disinfectant Wipes(Total number of wipes. NOT bottles)
Disinfectant Spray(Bottles)
Hand Sanitizer(Gallons)
All Other Resource Requests (Be specific, provide, sizes and quantities)
Agency/ESF Contact Person:
Agency/ESF Contact Person Cell Phone:
Agency/ESF Contact Person Cell Email:
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