CMR Membership Form
Club President: Dustin Brattle - 0275928883
Secretary: Paul Hodges
Treasurer: Jamie Van de Laar

Membership notes:

Note this form is for new members only!
If you are a current member or returning after a break of less than ~ 3 years, please simply pay membership fees to the below account. If unsure please email

Membership fees must be paid to our ANZ account to confirm your membership:
See bottom of this form for membership costs
Please use your full name and “2021 subs” as references when paying online.

If you are already a member of an NZRCA affiliated club: to become a CMR member and be eligible for club points, you must pay membership less the NZRCA license fee ($5).

Note members can apply for a key to the track once they have participated in a race day. The one-off charge for a key is $100. You must maintain your annual membership to maintain access to the lock box code, which changes annually. The code must not be shared with anyone else.

All members (other than prior members of other clubs) receive a national racing license number from the NZRCA which is used when entering NZRCA sanctioned race events. A copy of the current NZRCA rules are available for download from the NZRCA website -

Please read the following carefully - “I allow my personal information, which I have supplied on this form, to be used for the purposes of Club administration, and I further allow this information to be supplied to the NZ Radio Car Association(NZRCA) to be used for the purposes of administration. I shall retain the right to access this information and the ability to correct it.” Note you are able to edit the information provided after submitting this form.


Note there are bee hives for training purposes located at the far northern end of the Wingate facility, so please avoid going down this end of the park and if you have allergies make sure to bring your epipen/medication just in case.
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Membership type - Note if joining in second half of year (July onwards), memberships are half price (half price of the below). Also please note you will not be eligible for any race day points you accrue before you pay your fees.
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