ROC Launch Non-binding/voluntary RSVP Form
The ROC Board is using this form to gauge attendance at our launches in order to better allocate the resources that go into setting up the launch, such as toilets and launch pads. This form is non-binding and most questions are optional. We appreciate the time you take to fill it out, but please don't worry if you forget to fill it out, or if your plans change after you've filled it out. Data from this form will be aggregated and individual responses not monitored. Please use to contact the BOD, or the appropriate pages elsewhere on the ROC website to fulfil obligations related to certifications or youth groups.
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Which launch are you attending? (Please fill out form multiple times for multiple launches) *
How many fliers will be attending?
How many total (fliers + spectators) will be attending?
Please estimate the sizes of rockets you plan to fly (select all that apply)
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