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There are two different types of student worker jobs.

Budgeted: You have money in your departmental budget. All students who are enrolled in 6 credits during the spring/fall semesters or 3 credits during the summer are eligible for these types of jobs. A budgeted student can work a maximum of 19 hours a week.

Federal work-study (FWS) jobs: Students enrolled in 6 credits during the spring/fall/summer semesters and awarded work-study funds as part of their Financial aid (FA) package. The maximum number of hours that a FWS student can work is 16 hours a week. The 16 hours is based on a wage of $11.00 an hour. If you choose to pay a higher hourly wage, your student worker will work fewer hours per week.

*NOTE TO HIRING SUPERVISOR: Typically a student worker is awarded $2600.00 a semester. This is a finite amount. To determine hourly rate of pay, we ask that you evaluate the position in terms of skills required to perform the job.

Entry-level position: $11.00 an hour. A student can be trained on the job to perform the work.

Mid-level position: $11.25 --13.00 an hour. Requires previous technical skills or knowledge to perform the job such as computer skills, office experience, or typing.

High Level Position: $13.25 - $15.00 Requires specialized technical skills , position is responsible for a high level of customer service, advanced document production, or public speaking.
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Budgeted (non-financial aid, you have money in your departmental budget) OR Federal Work-Study (only available to FA students that qualify) Community Organization - You are a community organization that has created an opportunity and the position will be funded with federal work-study funds.
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When will work be performed? If flexible, write flexible, if looking for specific days and hours, please list:
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How many budgeted positions? How many FA work-study positions? How many Community? Please write a number for each.
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Hourly rate amount? *
How much does the job pay per hour? FA work-study funded positions pay a minimum of $11.00 an hour. If you want to pay at a higher rate, you must provide a very detailed description below. Max per hour is $15.00. The more per hour a FA student earns, the fewer hours per week they can work (this does not apply to budgeted students). Department budget supported positions pay a minimum of $7.25 an hour and a maximum of $15.00 an hour.
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Skills or specific qualities required to do the job?
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Which campus will the student work on? If the job is out in the a community, select community.
IF, this is a Job out in the community, please write your agency name and mailing address
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