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Please submit a replicable best practice based on the 18 characteristics of successful middle schools.
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The Successful Middle School: This We Believe
AMLE believes that the following five essential attributes of successful schools can be realized and achieved best through the 18 characteristics.

Categories are grouped in three categories (Culture and Community, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and Leadership and Organization.  

The characteristics are, however, interdependent and need to be implemented in concert.

Visit to learn more about the essential attributes and characteristics.  
Essential Attributes (Click All That Apply)
Characteristics: Successful middle schools exhibit the following 18 characteristics.  
Which characteristics best apply to your replicable practice submission?
What is the name of the replicable middle level practice in your classroom, school, or district?
Briefly describe the practice, in 250 words or less.
Which of the three categories best captures the replicable practice submitted?
Based on the category selected above, which of the 18 characteristics encompass the replicable practice?
Characteristics: Culture and Community
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Leadership and Organization
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