Welcome to your vacation!
Our Goal: To provide you with a customized travel itinerary based on your destination and preferences.

How we accomplish it: By answering the following questions, we research your travel needs through the internet, state of the art apps and old fashioned foot work to customize an itinerary that matches your travel preferences.

Why this service may be for you: Many travelers today are looking to plan trips on their own. With the tremendous amount of resources available, the task can feel a bit overwhelming! That's where we come in. Our service lies somewhere between DIY and a travel agent. Simply put: we offer a more personal travel experience that allows you to be part of the planning process.

What you get from us: After answering the questions below, you will receive a suggested itinerary, this is a draft and gives you the ability to provide more input so that the final itinerary matches your needs. After that, you will receive a series of links with notes that allow you to simply click and book.

Our Prices:
Continental Destination Analysis: {$80.00}. This is for the family that knows what they want. You are ready to pin down an itinerary area like Europe or Australia but don't know where to begin after that dream. We've got you covered! Let's chat over a hot cup of tea and get started!

Dreaming of Destinations: {$50.00}. This option is for the family that has already narrowed down the big trip to two or three places. You're ready to either sift out the excess or link them together cohesively. If you are looking for the researcher of your dreams, this is a good option for you!

Pre-planning primers: {$35.00}. This for the traveler with tickets in mind. They are ready to start filling in the calendar with activities, transportation choices, sleeping accommodations and sincere advice on a specific trip. You've got the vision and you are ready to execute! Let's do it!
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