Collection of Contact Information
The information on this form will be sent to the teacher(s) that you enter. Then that teacher(s) will have your contact information to use when sending out emails that contain important information, updates, newsletters, etc.
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Enter the name of your student. *
Please enter the first and last name. Do not enter more than one name. If you have multiple students, you will need to complete this form for each student.
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Enter the email address you wish to be contacted at. *
If you have a second email address that you would like to add, then enter it on the next question.
Enter a second email address you wish to be contacted at.
If you do not have a second email address to add you can skip this question.
Enter the first teacher's name that you would like your contact information shared with. *
If you have multiple teachers that you want your contact information shared with, you can enter their names individually in the questions that follow.
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