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In particular, it is being agreed that: (a) The information in their registration form is correct and he/she is obliging him/herself to inform the Association whenever there is a change in this information. (b) The athlete is bound to honour the rules set by the Malta Rowing Association, including but not limited to the Code of Disciple, as well as any rules set by FISA and/or other competent entities including SportMalta. Malta Rowing Association and other entities reserve the right to change their rules over the years whenever and however they deem fit. (c) The athlete will agree to participated in Doping Tests if s/he is asked to do so and if s/he knows about the anti-doping regulations as explained in the 2015 Legal Notice no. 17 (Sports Act, CH 455 of the Laws of Malta). The athlete is also agreeing that information regarding his/her registration will be held and passed to other entities as is needed, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (Ch 440 of the Laws of Malta). (d) The athlete declares that s/he does not suffer from health problems, disabilities or conditions which may endanger him/her or anyone in the vicinity during training and/or a competition.(e) The athlete exonerates the Malta Rowing Association as well as any members, employees, volunteers and executive of the Malta Rowing Association for material, physical, moral or other forms of damage which may be suffered by him/her, his/her family members and/or his/her dependants. S/he agrees to compensate for any damages that the Malta Rowing Association as well as any members, employees, volunteers and executive of the Malta Rowing Association and/or their dependants with them in the case that these damages would have been caused by the athlete's negligence or actions.
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