E-RATE 2019 - 2020 Data Collection & Dates
Please complete the following information to allow Businessmap to update your E-Rate Productivity Center Portal (EPC) account with the appropriate student count data.

EPC changes that are required include: enrollment, account administrator, entity updates, consultant and other minor changes. It is important for this information to be as accurate as possible PRIOR to January 15th as it can affect Category 2 funding. Changes after January 15, 2019 can only be made during the Program Integrity Review Process (PIA).

Please note, it is possible none of the school contact information (address, account administrator) has changed; however please complete the fields to ensure EPC data accuracy.

At bottom of the form, please check each box that corresponds to a 2019-2020 E-Rate deadline. By checking the box the School / Organization understands that information must be submitted to Businessmap at least 5 business days in advance of each deadline. Failure to do so could result in clerical errors and possible lack of funding.
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Number of Full Time Students (If a notable increase in student population occurs, it is the schools responsibility to notify Businessmap and the information in EPC will be updated accordingly.) *
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