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Shannon & Kevin
So, this is for my girlfriend Shannon Hosmer. She doesn't talk much about her time served, but I have gathered some info throughout our relationship. Shannon joined the Army as a Military Police Officer shortly after the 9-11-01 attacks on the United States. She quickly made rank of Sergeant. On a routine patrol the Humvee she was riding in hit an IED, she was thrown from her seat in the turrete and awoke to being laughed at by locals she was there to protect. She sustained a number of injuries which she later recovered from, except the PTSD. She was later Honorably discharged and received the Purple Heart as well as many other citations and awards, and was medically retired from the military after serving almost 6 years. One thing I know for sure is she is devastated that she can no longer serve this country. Shannon and I met 3 yrs ago, and to my surprise she was 3 months pregnant, coming out of a bad relationship. We connected right away and her being pregnant didn't matter, she was amazing to me and I quickly fell in love with her. We quickly merged into a family. I later was allowed to adopt our daughter, Peyton and we have an amazing life. Seems like every time I get a little ahead financially something happens and I'm set back. This gift would be amazing to give her, to finally make our relationship and family complete. She is an amazing girlfriend and mother and I want to make her my wife. This gift would allow me that opportunity to make it happen. Shannon does everything for our family as well as others too. We have talked about our wedding and she lights up, but I know I just can't do it financially without putting our family in further debt. I want to be able to give her the wedding she deserves.
Joshua and Amy Kuhn
I'm a 100% Permanent & Total rated disabled veteran. I served on active duty in the USAF in multiple career fields, to include 5 years as a Basic Military Training Instructor (Drill Sgt.), with 6+ deployments, 2 in Iraq, from March 1997 to Nov 2009. I was homeless in TX for a while until my friend talked me into trying Great Barrington and the MA VA. It changed my life. She changed my life. She helped me become alcohol free (3+ years now ) and got me back in school where I graduated from Berkshire CC with 2 degrees. Due to my disabilities, I'm rated unemployable through the VA and cannot work. We have a 3 year old daughter and money has always been tight as my older kids still live in TX and I pay most of my disability income and social security to child support. Cost of living here also hurts us. We are finally renting a nicer home. However, we were unable to save to fly my kids or mom up and after 2+ years of engagement, we just took our 3 year old to the town hall and got married in a conference room (see photo) on May 5, 2017. We just had to return her wedding ring for a refund due to the small stones not staying in the ring and multiple warranty work issues. We said we'd save for a wedding and bring my kids up from TX with my mom. This is something we both know may never happen. My wife only thinks of others and never asks anything in return.
Please consider my entry as my wife has given so much to me, and I desperately wish to give her the one thing she really wants.
Thank you for your time.
Joshua Kuhn
Brandon Schingh and Jamie Pinkussohn

I first met Jamie during a local SantaCon bar crawl. Since she's Jewish, she stood out from the rest by wearing a giant dreidel. Since we were both in relationships at the time, we lost touch for a few years. Two years later, we reconnected on Tinder. My first message to her was, "I can't believe I found my beautiful dreidel". She's been my partner in crime ever since. She even stuck it out and was eager to make things work when I deployed as a civilian contractor to Afghanistan for part of 2016. She's sacrificed so much in her life, for both family and friends and deserves nothing but the best wedding. Unfortunately, we'd had to keep delaying a formal engagement and wedding due to job issues and medical bills. My father has been battling severe levels of cancer that have ravaged his entire body over the past year so lots of time and money have been going towards care and other support factors. Jamie didn't know me when I was in the service, but she knows that's where I get my drive to get things done, no matter the odds. So if I don't win, I'll someday get her the wedding of her dreams. It just may take longer than we both want.
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