I'd love to get to know you! {An Intuitive Mystic's Survey}
I would be honored if you spent a couple of minutes feeling into your own spiritual essence as you answer these questions. Will you allow me to peer into your spiritual world, for just a moment, so that I may understand your desires a bit better?

One person who fills out this survey before Thursday May 25th will be entered to win a 30-minute LIVE Tarot Coaching Call with me ($125 value)

With deep gratitude,
xo Elle

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If we were to work together 1 on 1, what topic would you most like to explore with me? *
What is your favorite way to connect to the sacred? *
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As you walk along your spiritual path, what would you say is an obstacle that comes up for you most often? *
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What is your favorite mystical creature? *
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How do you best learn when you study a new topic? *
I am planning on holding some live intuitive 1/2 day trainings and workshops around the country - would you be interested + able to attend a live event with me in any of the following locations? *
What area are you focusing on the most as we shift into the second half of 2017? *
What life changes do you envision would happen if you were to work on your intention in the above area? *
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What kind of work do you do? *
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On a scale of 1-10, how important is integrating intuition and spiritual practices into your career/business in order to guide you towards expansion and growth? (1=not important at all; 10=extremely important) *
What tools or skills do you wish to learn to bring more spirituality and intuitive connection into your work/business?
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Who is a cosmic magic maker in the spiritual community that you would like to hear me have a conversation with on a podcast/video? *
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Is there anything else you think would be helpful for me when I dive into making offerings for the Drawing Within community?
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